Committed to Constructing Sustainable Development Management System

Sustainable Development Commitment

Together with society, strive for a better tomorrow.

With Customers

¡M3 is always customer-centered. It offers excellent products
and services to generate maximum value and pursued win-
win cooperation with customers. iM3 has a continuous
mission to perfect its management system to take the lead in
terms of products, to improve service quality, to rapidly
respond to customers’ requirements, and to exceed their


With Investors

IM3 has a diligent and responsible management team which
strives to improve iM3’s performance to repay its investors,
IM3 emphasizes on protecting the legitimate rights and
interests of small and medium investors. It discloses
information in strict accordance with the requirements of
listed companies and relevant internal regulations. Through a
variety of channels to receive opinions and inquiries from
investors, iM3 keeps a sound communication with investors,
listens to their voices, and accepts their supervision.