Superior Performance

The Battery Cell With ‘Advanced Phosphate’ Chemistry

Feature Cobalt and Nickel-free cathode chemistry boasting the highest voltage and cycle life of any current commercial material.

  • Energy Density: >200 Wh/kg
  • Cycles: >6000, superior to competing chemistries

Unparalleled Safety

Better Fire Safety Than Competing Chemistries

Beyond an increased energy density and high-rate capability, iM3NY’s Battery Cells have unrivalled safety in the event of thermal runaway or fire exposure.

Advanced Technology

Cutting-edge Technology Roadmap

iM3NY builds battery technology for Energy Storage Solutions (ESS), Electric Vehicles (EV), Industrial, and Aviation sectors

▪ P Series for ESS, Low-end affordable EV
▪ N Series for ESS, High-end EVs
▪ Solid-State Batteries for ESS, All transportation

State-of-the-art Manufacturing

Electrode Production

Cell Assembly

Cell Finishing

The crucial elements of the battery cell manufacturing process are Electrode Production, Cell Assembly, and Cell Finishing—contributing to 25%, 20%, and 55% of cell manufacturing cost. iM3NY is seamlessly integrating its state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment for kick-starting battery cell mass production of the company’s Made-in-America proprietary cell technology at the NY Gigafactory.

Robust Supply Chain

Greenest Gigafactory Of America

Collaborate with industry partners to co-develop battery cell and recycling technologies

▪ Strict traceability of materials up to the mine
▪ Maximized use of recycled chemicals
▪ Partnership model to localize entire supply chain in the North America



Message from the CEO


“Gigafactories aren’t just about making batteries,
these are the industrial infrastructure of the 21st
century, on which China currently holds the sway of

For industrializing its Made-in-America proprietary
cell technologies, iM3NY’s Gigafactory is building a
secure, local, hi-tech supply chain for a lithium-ion
economy to put the USA at the forefront of this
energy storage revolution.”

Execution-focused Leader