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Powering the world's transition to clean energy now and for many lifecycles!


Passing the Lithium-ion battery technology milestones In 2011, Dr. Shailesh Upreti launched C4V [Charge CCCV], with a mission to apply materials science knowledge to design, engineer, and commercialize transcendent lithium-ion battery component materials to make the future of energy clean, green, and affordable.

Lithium-ion battery technology developments were then said to be the slowest. Batteries were extremely expensive, other than lead-acid. The markets happen to be incredibly cost sensitive even today. There were higher performance materials and options (the companies such as Ambri, Eos, Aquion, Imergy, Eos, ViZn used new materials), which were well known to the market, but they were more expensive and thus difficult to implement when the end customers were not willing to pay anything additional.

It was the first move in our bold challenge to disrupt Lithium-ion battery technology industry, which dominates the industry globally today. C4V discovered, patented, and commercially developed processing technology for next-generation battery component materials while working jointly to optimize these materials with current industry giants. The company also quantified and qualified more than 15 other components that go along with major components in a lithium-ion battery cell.

In addition, the company designed cells for different applications in cylindrical, pouch and prismatic form factors and this is an integral part of C4V’s development process today. In entirety, C4V successfully developed the P-Series (Gen 1—BM-LMP chemistry, >190 Wh/kg energy density) and N-Series (Gen 2—BM-NMC + Silicon, >280 Wh/kg energy density, >90% Nickel), commercially implementable right away, and also became one of the first movers by demonstrating a solid-state battery ready for the system integration as SN Series (Gen 1) within the next 3 years.

C4V’s objective of building cost-effective Lithium-ion battery technologies has been achieved; and yet it is not satisfactory. There is a greater and more important ambition. That is to drive forward the New Energy Revolution—the Fourth Industrial Revolution following the agricultural, industrial, and digital revolution, and to reach the pinnacle of being a company that has made a major contribution to making the world transit to clean energy. We feel compelled to scale this peak that lies before us. By establishing C4V and setting the technology roadmap to mass production of Lithium-ion battery technology, we have but finally taken the first step on our long journey.

iM3NY— A gem of the battery technology industry To truly harvest maximum value of the state-of-the-art Lithium-ion battery technologies researched and developed, C4V partnered with companies globally to manufacture next generation high performance Lithium-ion batteries.

C4V-supported iM3NY is the gem of the battery technology industry, and the company is pursuing the bold challenge of disrupting the Lithium-ion battery technology, which dominates the field globally today. Backed by world-renowned experts and a seasoned executive board possessing in-depth knowledge of Lithium-ion battery production, raw material supply, and battery cell technology, iM3NY aim to deliver low-cost, high-power, high-efficiency, long-cycle life, and safer batteries for a multitude of applications globally through its New York manufacturing site. Once built, iM3NY will be the largest clustered manufacturing hub for lithium-ion battery cells in the state. Strategically chosen to take advantage of the existing world-class infrastructure and reliable port connectivity, the ‘gem’ facility will provide access to high-quality manufacturing infrastructure, recycling management, and existing business expertise nearby.

iM3NY’s Leadership. Front Row (Left to Right): Dr. Shailesh Upreti (Chairman), Chaitanya Sharma (CEO). Back Row (Left to Right): Mike Driscoll (Board Member), Bill Shannon (COO), Paul Stratton (SVP, Sales & Marketing), Dr. Priyadarshi Panda (SVP, Engineering).

In April 2021, Mr. Chaitanya Sharma, the former Tesla Gigafactory engineer and Stanford graduate joined the iM3NY as the Chief Executive Officer. His extensive background in lithium-ion cell manufacturing will be highly beneficial as the New York project moves from a development phase towards production, targeting >1 GWh per annum as early as Q2 of 2021. Under his leadership, iM3NY developed their first Made-in-America Cobalt-free Prismatic Battery Cells in June 2021.

Built in America, for the World. iM3NY’s Made-in-America BMLMP cells contain no nickel or cobalt, taking advantage of established technology, lower-cost, and reliable supply chains. The American manufacturing renaissance needs one to get to Gigascale, in addition to breakthrough science and sustainable supply chains.


iM3NY’s Gigafactory is building a 100% domestic supply chain in the Northeast U.S. and striving to establish a new bedrock for American manufacturing, resulting in our nation’s economic prosperity, job creation, and defense strength.

Heading towards a clean world Battery energy storage is the backbone for future growth of renewable energy and the transformation of the global electric mobility market.

iM3NY’s true business is not manufacturing; it is the New Energy Revolution. We will make a concerted effort to drive the energy storage revolution forward and usher in the New Energy era as quickly as possible to realize a global network where all clean energy and clean transportation systems will be connected via storage technologies.



Chaitanya Sharma

Chief Executive Officer


Bill Shannon

Chief Operating Officer

Priyadarshi Panda

SVP, Engineering


Paul Stratton

SVP, Sales and Marketing


Brandon Jordon-Thaden

Senior Director of Engineering

55+ member team building the Gigafactory model for global benchmarking

Team Members
Manufacturing, Technology, Engineering & Product Development.

Deep Industry experience across

  • Product Planning & Design
  • Battery Technology, R&D
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Critical Metals (Li, Ni, Co) & Recycling
  • GTM (Go To Market)
  • Manufacturing & Plant Operations
  • Advanced Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Business Development
Women Associates, from Department Heads to IM3NY Board
Highly specialised through their past, leadership positions at Duracell, Tesla, Softbank, Intel



Shailesh Upreti

Chairman at iM3NY,
President at C4V

Mona Dajani

Mona Dajani

Head of Energy, Infrastructure, and Mobility, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Frank Poullas

Chairman at
Magnis Energy Technologies


Mike Driscoll

Industry Veteran