IM3 Senior Management Team

Shailesh Upreti


Shailesh has been founder and Chairman of C4V since 2011

Chaitanya Sharma


Chaitanya comes to iM3NY via Tesla where he was a valued senior member of the team that built out the first giga lines in the giga factory

Mike Driscoll


Mike has completed several green field projects for large scale manufacturing including that for Technology Applications Ltd., a semiconductor company which he founded and led to a successful IPO in 1990 on the Thailand Exchange. Mike was previously Chief Executive Officer of OneCARE, Inc., a virtual, Interactive product manuals company servicing the medical devices industry and others.

Bill Shannon


Bill comes to iM3NY via H&T ( a very large supplier of cans to the battery industry ) where he was the senior manufacturing person with general management responsibility for 5 major plants that serviced major battery manufacturers including Tesla, Energizer, Panasonic, Duracell. Bill also worked for Duracell in the lithium Ion start plant and went to Gold Peak when Duracell sold the business to them.

Paul Stratton

SVP Marketing and Sales

Paul has spent 20 years with Duracell / Gillette starting as a product manager and progressed to senior positions including VP Global Marketing and Advanced Product Planning Duracell , and VP Advanced Business Development under Gillette. He also has an entrepreneurial background as a small business owner and consultant to several technology based companies in early growth stage.

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